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Zink galvanized sheets and shaped boarding sheets

Zinc galvanized steel sheets are manufactured per GOST 14918 - 80 .

Zinc galvanized steel is manufactured form cold-rolled carbon steel coils with surface quality as per GOST 16523-89 , width from 710 to 1,800 mm inclusive, thickness from 0.5 to 2.5 mm inclusive.

Zinc-plated steel gauge should comply with GOST 19904-74 .

    Depending on the coating thickness, the zinc galvanized steel is subdivided into 3 classes:

  • - at coating thickness above 40 um up to 60 um incl.;
  • 1 - at coating thickness above 18 up to 40 um incl.;
  • 2 - at coating thickness from 10 to 18 um incl.

    Depending on its designation, the zinc galvanized steel sheets are subdivided into:

  • for cold pressing;

    The zinc galvanized steel sheets for cold-pressing is subdivided into:

    standard draw-forming;

    deep draw-forming;

    very deep draw-forming;

  • for cold roll forming
  • for painting (temper-rolled);
  • general purpose.

    Zinc galvanized shaped boarding sheets are manufactured according to GOST 24045-94 .

    Cold-formed sheet steel section with tapered corrugation (cold-formed corrugated sheets) is made on profile-bending machines and designed for construction and other industries.

      Corrugated steel sheets are classified by:

    • designation;
    • starting stock material;
    • available decorative paint-and-lacquer coating

      By its designation, the shaped boarding sheets are subdivided into following types:

    • for roof decks - ;
    • for roof decks and wall enclosures - ;
    • for wall enclosures - .

    For more details see GOST norms & Technical Requirements section.