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Zinc is a metal of bluish light-gray color.

    The following grades of zinc are delivered per GOST 3640-79 марок:

  • ЦВОО -(with pure Zn content not less than 99.997%) – for science research, analytical reagent production, electrotechnical needs;
  • ЦВО (99.995%), ЦВ1 (99.992%) – for polygraphic and car industry;
  • ЦО (99.99%) – for die-cast critical instrument parts, production of analytical reagents,zinc oxide and zinc powder;
  • ЦОА (99.98%), ЦО (99.975%) – galvanic designation zinc sheet , critical die-cast parts, pressure-treated zinc alloys, hot and zinc plating, production of powder and bleach, doping of aluminium alloys ;
  • Ц1 (99,95), (98,7), Ц3 (97,5) – multiple applications. ЦВОО zinc is supplied in ingots of 5 and 10 kgs, zinc of other grades – by ingots of 19-25 kg and blocks up to 1,000 kg.

    Цинк ЦВОО поставляют чушками массой 5 и 10кг, цинк остальных марок - чушками массой 19-25кг и блоками до 1000кг.

For more details see GOST norms & Technical Requirements section.