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Wires, cables

Wire is a long-cut metalware used as a semi-finished product to manufacture mesh, springs, wire ropes and cables, electric wires, electrodes etc.

    According to GOST 2333-74 the wire is classified by:

  • shape;
  • condition of surface finish;
  • chemical composition;
  • mechnical properties and other traits.

    Depending on its designation, the wire is made from different steel grades: commercial wire per GOST 3282 - from rod and from low-carbon steel per GOST 1050-74 ; spring wire per GOST 9389-75 - from carbon steel with 0.4 1.0% carbon content, alloyed spring wire per GOST 14963-78 602, 652, quality grade wire from such steel grades as: 08, 10, 10, 15, 20, 35, 40 & 50 etc.

      Cable is a product composed of the following materials:

    • uncoated or zinc-coated steel wire per GOST 7372-79 ;
    • organic or metal core. Organic cores are made of cotton and polymer thread bast fiber (hemp, sisal, abaca) and cord.

      Cable lines are subdivided by several characteristic features including:

    • design;
    • core material: organic (), metal ();
    • designation: cargo/passenger to hoist and transport people and cargoes; cargo to handle cargo.

      Application of different designs of cable lines :

    • bracing cargo-protection cables, temporary timber floating lashings etc.;
    • - hoisting cables of ships and elevators, hauling cables on cable ways;
    • - cables for smelter cranes, mine winding plants, excavators;
    • 3 cables for all industries except those assuming cable operation in hostile environments;
    • - cables for operation in hostile environments.

    For more details see GOST norms & Technical Requirements section.