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Tin is a soft ductile metal of silver-white color.

Tin is delivered per GOST 860-75 in two quality categories: top and first.

    Solder alloys are filler metals (alloys) which, if melted, can fill in gaps between parts to be brazed and, when solidified, develop indecomposable strong connection.

    Grades, chemical composition, properties and application of solder alloys are determined in GOST 21930-76 .

    Solder is delivered as round wire, band, triangular and round bars, round tubes filled with fluxing agent and powder as per GOST 21931-76 .

    Babbits are the oldest (since 1839) and up till now most widely used tear-free antifrictional low-melting ductile heterogeneous alloys on the basis of tin and lead with harder inclusions (copper, antimony, nickel etc.) They are used to manufacture bearings. The ductile base (tin, lead) provides for uniform adhesion and running-in of bearing to the shaft while solid inclusions serve as direct support ensuring low friction and wear.

    Chemical composition and grades of babbits comply with:

  • tin and lead-base babbits - GOST 1320-74 ,
  • calcium babbits - GOST 1209-90 .

For more details see GOST norms & Technical Requirements section.