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Meshes, bands

Mesh is a flat sparsely woven or webbed wire fabric product (wire fabric) designed to grade the bulk material by size or to separate it from liquids or gases (filtering).

    According to GOST 2715-75 the meshes are classified - by the way of manufacture– into woven, braided, twisted, slit-type, welded and assembled from prestrained wire. In total, there are some 27 mesh types including:

  • wire gauze net with square mesh - GOST 3826-82 ;
  • plain woven mesh (standard and stain-proof) - per GOST 5336-80 , also known as "rabitsa" mesh;
  • welded steel mesh per GOST 23279-85 , TR-14-178-266-94 .

    Band – thin sheet steel with width less than 500 mm.

      According to the way of its manufacture, the band is subdivided into hot/cold-rolled produced at band-rolling machines by cutting steel coils into narrow strips.

    For more details see GOST norms & Technical Requirements section.