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Rebars, wire rods

Steel rebars and wire rods belong to long products. They are manufactured according to the following specifications:

By the nature of rolled section, the rebars are subdivided into plain bars (I class) and riffled bars (II, III, AIV, AV, AVI classes).

Range of sizes for these products complies with following norms:

Chemical composition for steel grades used to manufacture such products complies as follows:

  • For rebars depending on the class:
    • AI - St3kp(ps, sp);
    • AII - St5sp(ps) , 18G2S;
    • AIII - 35GS, 25G2S, 500S, 400S, 32S2RPS.

For wire rods - GOST 380-94norm (St0 - St3 all deoxidation levels).

For more details see GOST norms & Technical Requirements section.