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Radiators, electrodes

Electrodes for manual arc welding are up to 450 mm long rods from electrode wire with a coating layer, a mixture designed to boost arc stabilization, protect against adverse air impact and to provide metallurgical treatment of the welding bath.

    Metal electrodes for arc welding of steels and weld deposition are manufactured according to GOST 9466-75 .

    By their application, coated electrodes for manual arc welding are subdivided into following groups:

  • У – for welding of carbon and low-alloy structural steels;
  • Л – for welding of alloyed structural steels;
  • Т - дfor welding of alloyed thermally stable steels;
  • В - for welding of special property high-alloy steels;
  • Н - for weld deposition of special property surface layer.

    According to the type of coating the following electrodes are to be distinguished: acid - А, base - Б, cellulose - Ц, rutile - Р, mixed type, other coating types - П

    Electrodes are manufactured with diameters 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 6.0.

For more details see GOST norms & Technical Requirements section.