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Lead is a soft ductile metal with bluish luster over a fresh cut which, however, oxidizes very quickly developing a protective oxide film ensuring the metal protection against further corrosion.

    It is produced per:

  • GOST 22861-77 - grades: С0000 (pure lead content not less than 99.9999%), С000 (99.9996), С00 (99.9985%);
  • GOST 3778- 77 - grades - С0 (9.992%), С1 (9.985%), С2 (99.95%), С3 (99.90%) as ingots of 30-40 kg.

    Lead is widely used in production of accumulators, protection against X-rays and nuclear emissions, for acid-resistant shells and linings, as component to solder alloys and babbits, for hot lead plating, for embossing etc.

    Lead plates are delivered per GOST 9559-75 from lead С0, С1, em>С2 & С3 with thickness 0.2"15 mm, width 500 and 600 mm, length 750"1,200 mm.

For more details see GOST norms & Technical Requirements section.