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Hot-rolled sheets

Hot-rolled steel sheets of standard quality are delivered as sheets, coils with cut and uncut edge, and subdivided into:

According to its standard characteristics, hot-rolled plate & sheet steel is subdivided into:

  • plates - into 6 categories: 1-5 in hot-rolled condition , 6th - hardened.
  • sheets - into 5 categories.

    By rolling precision: high-precision; standard precision.

    By flatness: very high flatness, high flatness, standard flatness.

    By surface finish quality into groups: III higher finish, IV standard finish.

    Hot-rolled low-alloy sheets are manufactured in accordance with GOST 19281-89 4-60mm thick.

    Depending on the type of metalware and thickness, hot-rolled low-alloy sheets are manufactured from such steel grades as 092, 092, 092-12, 171, 171, 10.

    Chemical composition - GOST 19281-89 .

    This type of product is used in welded, riveted and bolted structures, on the whole, without any additional heat treatment.

    Quality hot-rolled structural steel is supplied in sheets, coils, and subdivided into:

    Chemical composition of steel complies with:

    Depending on characteristics to be standardized , the rolled stock is made in 3 categories.

    • sheet steel manufactured per GOST 16523-89 with thickness up to 3.9mm inclusive.

    Steel gauge of quality hot-rolled structural steel complies with GOST 19903-74 , chemical composition with GOST 1050-88 .

    Depending on characteristics to be standardized, the rolled products are made in 6 categories.

    By surface finish quality into groups: III high quality finish, IV standard finish.

For more details see GOST norms & Technical Requirements section.