Metallservice-Moscow. Metalware store.

The program of building up regional branches is now under development.

While establishing its subsidiaries, the Company uses already developed partner relationships with some enterprise in the region.

In Penza, such partner enterprise is represented by OJSC "Penzmash". In St. Petersburg - by "Metalopttorg" OJSC, a company founded in 1932 as a Gossnab (State Supply Office) organization for North-West region.

"Metallservice" OJSC and "Metalopttorg" OJSC have a similar structure of their property complexes. There are 3 metal depots within the structure of each company, in Moscow and St. Petersburg respectively. This similarity of business processes allows to supply jointly, in the most efficient manner, industrial companies with all required products.

In Belarus, "Metallservice" OJSC signed a cooperation agreement with "Belmetal" OJSC , an integral part to "Belresources" group.

"BelMetallservice" private production and trading unitary enterprise was established in Minsk to optimize metal product deliveries to Belarus companies once the agreement on principles of indirect taxation for export and import between governments of Belarus Republic and the Russian Federation entered in force.