Metallservice-Moscow. Metalware store.


Personnel training center

For several decades, "Metallservice" OJSC operates its Training center to prepare personnel for metal depots and metal reception centers.

The training center trains following engineering staff and workers to operate and maintain hoisting cranes ("ПУБЭГК ПБ" 10-382-00) in compliance with licenses from State Committee for Industrial and Mining Safety Supervision and Moscow Educational Committee: :

  • strappers;
  • lumpers;
  • overhead (gantry) crane operators;
  • loader truck drivers;
  • mechanics and electricians for crane maintenance & repairs;
  • engineering staff liable for safety in crane operations, "ПУБЭГК" article.9.4.4


Training costs are contingent on the scope of training program.
The training period is about one month depending on the type of hoisting mechanisms.

High quality of training given to lumpers, strappers, crane operators and loader truck drivers (having driver licenses of not less than 3rd class) is ensured by good training and production facilities, with functional mock-ups of overhead, gantry and tower cranes, railway cars, trucks, motor car simulator and weighing equipment.
Courses are run by experienced training staff.
On passing the exams successfully, trainees are granted certificates which entitle them to work in professions trained.


Address of "Metallservice" OJSC training center: 
109428, 19, Stakhanovskaya Str, Moscow, Russia

Phones: +7(499) 173-34-33, (499) 171-15-25