Metallservice-Moscow. Metalware store.

History of "Metallservice" OJSC

The company history began in 1934 when the executive committee of Ukhtomsky district established a metal depot of Moscow regional office of Peoples Commissariat for Heavy Industry "Stalsbyt". A land plot for the construction was allotted to "Stalsbyt" close to Karacharovo village by the resolution from Moscow Region Council Presidium of December 13, 1931.

The newly established organization supplied companies from Moscow, Moscow region and adjacent regions with ferrous metals in less-than-truckload shippings. By 1935, the annual output of metal processing equaled to 57000 tons.

Further development of the enterprise was accompanied by numerous restructuring activities and renamings. In 1936, for instance, "Stalsbyt" was transformed into Sales Department of People’s Commissariat for Heavy Industry General Office for Metallurgical Industry.

In 1938, all Moscow sales offices of People’s Commissariat for Heavy Industry were integrated into one Moscow office – Glavmetallosbyt (Metal Sales Head Office). During Great Patriotic War the office was not evacuated and kept supplying Moscow enterprises contributing to war efforts with stock. Despite the 80% loss of all supply markets on territories invaded by Germans (mainly Ukraine), Glavmetallosbyt managed to deliver some 283000 tons of ferrous metals.

During the first post-war years at Council of Ministers of USSR Glavmetallosbyt and Soyuzprommetizsbyt (All-Union Hard Component Sales) merged into Glavmetallosnab (Metal Supply Head Office) and its Moscow branch. The same period witnessed the renovation of the metal depot one stage of which represented commissioning of 600-m three-span trestle with 6 electric overhead cranes. Compared to the pre-war period, the metal depot capacity grew almost twice, so that the annual sales amounted to 510000 tons.

In 1948, another restructuring took place. Glavmetallosbyt, along with its metal depots werged into Ministry of Iron Industry (Glavmetallosnab).

n 1958–1959, Glavmetallosbyt was renamed into Rosglavchermetsnabsbyt (Russian Ferrous Metal Supply and Sales Head Office) at State Planning Commettee of RSFSR, and from 1959 onwards at Council of National Economy.

In 1964, offices of Rosglavchermetsnabsbyt were transformed into territorial supply and sales departments of Rosglavchermetsnabsbyt, and among others Moscow territorial department was created.

In January 1966, Moscow Territorial Department for Ferrous Metal Supply was named Moschermetsnabsbyt, and in October 1966 it was renamed as Mosgorchermetsnabsbyt.

In 1972, by the resolution of Gossnab (State Supply) of USSR 58 from 05.15.1972 first Moscow association of metal supply and sales in the framework of material and technical supply is established – Mosgorchermetsnabsbyt. It included works No.1 (Karacharovo), works No.2 (Ochakovo), works No.3 (Kapotnya), the enterprise specialized in reusable discard delivery, computing center, and unified administrative staff which, at the same time, managed operations of works No.1.

In 1973, The Mosgorchermetsnabsbyt assosiation was renamed to Mosgormetallosnabsbyt by the resolution of Gossnab of USSR, and later on – to "Mosgormetallopttorg (Moscow Metal Wholesale Trade Organization).

In 1976 and 1980, the enterprise was awarded with Red Challenge Banner and commemorative badges "For labour achievements in the IXth Five-Year Plan" and "For high efficiency and work quality in the Xth Five-Year Plan".


By the resolution of Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from January 11, 1985 Moscow Metal Supply and Sales Association (Mosgormetallosnabsbyt) was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour for achievements in material and technical maintenance of Moscow enterprises and construction projects with metal products and meeting planned targets.

In 1990, "Mosgormetallopttorg" association came to be known as "Metallservice" agency firm. In 1993, the "Metallservice" firm was transformed to OJSC "Metallservice" by the resolution of State Committee for State Property Management. As new economic relations developed in transition from public to private property, the business profile of the specialized metal trade company was fully retained.

Nowadays 3 Moscow metal depots deliver over 800 trucks day and night, thus offloading 3500 tons daily, and the annual sales draw near to 1 million tons.