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Copyright and conditions for reprinting of materials

Copyrights for all materials published on the server, except for otherwise specified cases, belong to "Metallservice" OJSC. Exceptions are constituted by cases of direct reprinting of information in relation to which the project has only the right of publication. Such exceptions are directly stated in corresponding texts.

All materials published on the, the copyrights to which belong to "Metallservice" OJSC, may be duplicated by any mass-media such as newspapers, magazines, TV-channels, radio stations, web-sites, information agencies and Internet-pages, on any data medium, with no restrictions as to the scope or publication date.

The essential condition for reproduction and retranslation is the reference to the source. For Internet resources such reference should be active, direct, with no intermediate redirection, and link either to the web-site or to the quoted reprinted material. In this case, there is no need to obtain consent for reproduction from publishers or authors of

Should any holder of any illustrations or texts deem that infringes their copyrights, it is necessary to contact the server editors to settle the issue. To provide for convenience of thematic sites and RSS-sevices, the news strip of server is represented in the form of an RSS-file.

Terms of its use are not different form the abovementioned rules.

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Any other automated retrieval of site data by any services without prior consent from "Metallservice" OJSC is prohibited.


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