Metallservice-Moscow. Metalware store.

Core business

The company core business is pre-sale preparation and selling of ferrous metal, pipes, metal products and metallurgy stock material to corporate bodies and individuals. Apart from this, JSC “Metallservice” can deliver products by own or third party motor transport and store construction materials. Goods are delivered at the time suitable for the customer.

The company also manufactures various metal structures and raw stock.

Supplying industrial companies with quality metal-roll and alloy steel has always been one of the major business priority areas for OJSC "Metallservice". Such a trend naturally grew in the course of time as metal depots always have the necessary, often unique, product range in stock within a single depot.

There is a training center on the base of OJSC "Metallservice" that prepares workers in 11 educational programs, qualifications and vocations. Among them are crane operators, hookers, GZPM repairmen electrical equipment repair and maintenance electricians, electrical and industrial truck drivers, electric/gas welders.

To support various trading activities run by OJSC "Metallservice" there is a special information analysis system that makes it possible to determine demand for metal for a subsequent period and a scope of the lot to be acquired; to maintain sales operations (making out and preparing bills, metal provisioning, crediting, billing, shipment and release of goods from the depot premises).

Application software developed in OJSC “Metallservice” enables to analyze circulation of more than 20 000 commodity items, promptly replenish the stock and implement cost-efficient and practical procurements to cut the stock turnover. The unified data network integrates not only the three Moscow metal depots but also subsidiaries in St. Petersburg, Penza, Novosibirsk and Minsk. It is possible to access data on balance stock, provision goods and process issue documents from any of the 410 computers integrated into "Metallservice" LAN in real-time mode.

Customer service is based on complex IT-infrastructure and Internet technologies. Every day OJSC "Metallservice" implements above 700 000 trade operations, the total number of company clients exceeds 50 000.

Internet sales are actively used: by the end of 2007 the volume of such sales exceeded 300 million rubles.

The product range is cinstantly updated and expanded. Nowadays, "Metallservice" OJSC   can offer to its customers 24 000 types, sizes and grades of metal products. There are some 120 000 tons of goods always available in stock in warehouses.

Major types of products

In the total sales volume metal-roll accounts for 69%, pipes — 26%, hard components — 4%.
Product range

  •  flat steel (hot-rolled, cold-rolled, zinc-plated);
  •  shape steel (angles, channels, beams, rails);
  •  reinforcing bars (bars, wires);
  •  long steel (cirles, squares, hexagons, strip etc.);
  •  pipes (water and gas pipes, longitudinal electric-welded pipes, electric-welded shaped pipes, seamless pipes etc.);
  •  hard components (cables, mesh, nails, screws etc.);

Company customers and partners.

Consumers of "Metallservice" products are companies and organizations that represent all metal-consuming industries: machine-building and metal work, construction and of construction material manufacturing, power industry, fuel and energy sector. Besides, there are also individuals among company customers.Demand for company products is mainly of seasonal nature, reducing by 1,2–1,3 in winter. This is connected with peculiarities of construction and installation company work.

Our suppliers

The main suppliers of "Metallservice" OJSC are: "Severstal" OJSC , "Mechel" company, Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK), Borsk Pipe Works, "Uraltrubostal", "Evrazholding" (NTMK,ZSMK,NKMK), Metallurgical Plant In the Name of A.K. Serov, Magnitorgorsk Iron and Steel Works, Nizhneserginsk Hard Compoent and Metallurgic Works, "Interpipe" NTRP, Byelorussian Steel Works. Products of OJSC "Metallservice" are delivered practically to all regions of the Russian Federation, as well as to Belarus Republic, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Armenia and Bulgaria.