Karacharovskaya metal depot

Karacharovskaya depot is the major facility of O "Metallservice" JSC. It is located in the South-Eastern administrative district of Moscow on 19, Stakhanovskaya str.

The enterprise is specialized in sales of long and flat steel, rolled pipes, cold-drawn, electric-welded, steel cables and strip, bars, gauge steel, wires and cast iron. The total amount of metal products in company stock depots reach 100 000 tons. Here you can purchase almost the whole range of ferrous metal products, pipes and hard components.

Karacharovskaya metal depot. Th roll-on.Among Karacharovskaya depot buildings it is important to single out a three-span 600-m trestle that is used for long and flat steel and quality rolled metal sectors (1st, 3rd & 8th bays). The trestle is provided with 12 overhead cranes which make it possible to unload 3 train sets at the same time. 4 thoroughfares 12 m. wide allow loading of 24 heavy-duty trucks simultaneously.
Quality alloy steel is released from the 7th sheltered bay equipped with 2 overhead cranes and 2 handling areas. Gauge steel is released from the 9th sheltered bay which is also equipped with 2 overhead cranes and 2 handling areas. Small-size gauge stock, silver steel, chrome-nickel and other wire are released from the 4th bay equipped with beam cranes. Stainless pipes are released from the 10th bay. Nails, fasteners, electrodes and other hard components are loaded from the 11th bay. Strip, squares and low-alloy sheets are released from the 2nd retail bay equipped with 2 overhead and gantry cranes.

Electric-welded shaped (rectangular, square, oval) pipes, water and gas pipes and cold-worked pipes are released from the 5th bay consisting of an open-air storage and two sheltered warehouses equipped with 6 overhead cranes. Electric-welded pipes are released from the 25th bay equipped with one gantry and three overhead cranes. Hot-rolled pipes are released from the 6th open-air bay located at the railway branch-out, the bay is equipped with 3 gantry, 2 railway and 2 truck-mounted cranes.

Cold-rolled and zinc-plated sheets are shipped from the 26th sheltered bay equipped with an overhead crane. Heavy tonnage of channels and bars is dispatched from an open area of 26th bay serviced by a gantry crane.

To optimize railway car placing, withdrawal and unloading which are currently run at nighttime mainly, a private railway bay was established, which includes an engine house, 2 shunting locomotives, Karacharovskaya metal depot. Vagons with metalware. 3 rail cranes and 10,3 km of rail sidings. Length of sidings and management of handling areas where rail cars are placed directly to storage locations enable Karacharovskaya metal depot to simultaneously receive up to 150 car-loads of metal products for unloading.

There is a transport & dispatch service established to provide for prompt twenty-four-hour delivery of stock with 46 own vehicles and over 100 contracted trucks.

Capacities of Karacharovskaya metal depot allow supplying customers with full range of metal products from one depot to package practically any order. Technical capabilities and up-to-date work management have made it possible to score record volumes of dispatched goods – above 2500 tons and 560 trucks daily from Karacharovskaya depot, and almost 4000 tons and 900 trucks from 3 depots per day.

How to find:
From "Ryazansky prospect" underground station (get off the first car when driven from the city center) 5 stops to the city center by buses 29, 160, 169, by trolleybus 63 (get off at "Stakhanovskaya str." stop).
There are minibuses with "Metalservice" OJSC label going from "Ryazansky prospect" underground station (get off the first car when driven from the city center) to the company administrative building at Stakhanovskaya str. 19 every 15 minutes.

By car:
1st Vyazovsky passage(from the city center: 14, Ryazansky prospect, turn at the traffic lights after the gas station).