"Metallservice-Moscow" JSC is an official Moscow representative of "Metallservice" OJSC, honored by The Order of the Red Banner of Labour. The company effects sales from its three Moscow metal depots: Karacharovskaya, Ochakovskaya and Kapotnenskaya.

Each metal depot is a specialized trade and storage facility composed of administrative and production buildings, trestlework, roads, railway tracks and different service lines.

The overall storage area in Moscow alone is 178 000 square meters including 52 000 sq. m of sheltered areas. These areas are provided with overhead cranes, gantry cranes and rail cranes with a lifting capacity up to 25 tons, thus enabling to promptly implement loading/unloading operations. Such equipment makes it possible to handle above 4 500 tons of metal-roll per shift. Potentially the three depots can concurrently store above 180 000 tons of metal products.

In the context of re-equipment program of storage and production facilities 2 overhead cranes, 4 gantry cranes, 3 truck cranes and 2 rail cranes were acquired throughout last 2 years along with loader trucks and heavy-duty long trucks. Craneways on trestles were completely replaced, overhead cranes were modernized.

All depots have railway tracks and a required number of loading/unloading areas. The level of mechanized operations is 96%.

Well-developed infrastructure including more than 60 overhead and gantry cranes, a private engine house, locomotives, rail cranes and about 20 km of railways, over 50 trucks and up-to-date production management alongside with twenty-four-hour functioning of all 3 depots make it possible to deliver up to 900 heavy-duty trucks daily with the overall cargo of 2 500-4 000 tons of metal-roll.

The minimum stock level is 120 000 tons. The maximum stock comprises 180 000 tons with the range of articles above 20 000 items.

"Metallservice" JSC is a member of Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers.