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Hot-rolled angles and squares

Hot-rolled steel angles and squares belong to the long products. It is manufactured in compliance with requirements as per GOST 535-88 .

    Chemical composition of steel grades used to manufacture these products complies with GOST 380-94 (St0 - St3 steels of all deoxidation levels).

    Hot-rolled angles is subdivided into equal angles versus unequal angles.

    The angles – by the rolling quality precision – is subdivided into classes:

  • А – high precision quality;
  • B – standard quality.

    Gauge of hot-rolled squares is in compliance with GOST 2591-88 .

    Delivery is made of hot-rolled squares with side sizes from 6 to 200 mm, gage and off-gage from 2 to 12 m.

For more details see GOST norms & Technical Requirements section.